Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Never Been There Before

Interesting to imagine which is preferable to the lettuce plant:  to spend its life incarcerated in my spaceship for it, the cold frame, beneath metal fabric.  Or... to spend an afternoon masticated between my teeth...

Jimmie Rogers on jail:   

"When you realize that you're all alone
Seated in a two by four.
That little cell is just a taste of Hell,
If you ain't been there before."

I first heard Merle Haggard sing that song.  The last line Merle sang, "You ain't been there before."  And so, that's how I sing it as well.  I only learned this version (attributed Earnest Tubb) while writing this.  It's worth (though somewhat off topic, don't you think?) pointing out that "Same Train, Different Song" Merle's extremely ill advised ode to Jimmy Rogers is the CD where I discovered "Frankie and Johnny." Gracious,  I could go on and on about that song.  Too bad I've remained loyal to the subject of lettuce, however.  Ha!
As much pleasure as my vegetables give me as pure ornament, it is almost a shame to eat them.  Almost....

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