Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bike RIde Arcana (Warning: Dead Animal Depicted)

I was riding my bicycle this morning, and noticed the Great Sumac on my favorite route had lost it's gorgeous fruit.  There being a very tiny scattered few left, I am guessing that birds had their way with the plants.  The largest Sumac on 446 are close to thrity feet tall, which seems damn near their max.  The first time I traveled on this highway when I came to Bloomington in 1998, I could not resist the beautiful sumac and strange terrain from valley like fields to a ridgetop.   And the bicycling on the highways wide shoulders..... God is it nice.  Of course the 57 degree weather and intense sun this morning was really tough on me, but you can't have everything.

Then near a place where the county has constructed this extremely long concrete waterslide erosion control surface I looked down a hill (as I always do) and saw a large mammalian ribcage sticking up.  Since I had my camera (which in every case before, when this has happened, I have not) my heart sang.  I love road kill and dead things in general.  Some people find this strange, but eventually see my point when I ask them if they like cutting animals up.  Yeah, neither do I.  But when it's happening in a more or less natural manner, and you are not a squeamish person, then God is basically giving you a science lesson.  And what a lesson this beautiful dead canine was providing me from fifty yards.  I didn't want people who have a problem seeing dead things to become upset (I've had a few bad experiences stopping a car to look at maggots floating out of a deer in the rain and other such obnoxious things, where some friends had a lot of trouble understanding. So....)  Believe it or not the picture showing the hillside looking down, if you click it, has a ribcage showing.  I saw it from the road, very easily, but the picture is underexposed one stop, so.  Click it if you want, or skip to a different date then the following entries on todays date, if you wish not to consider the dead doggie.

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