Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Could Be A Whiskey Bottle, But Really Isn't

Ok... so I can't really brag about my  friends office view.  But come on, I mean, how many people see this when they're working.  Boy oh boy.  Looks to me like they saved the Goddamn Bay.  Thanks for the view, Matt.

Matt and I love to remember some of the more idiotic and superbly suburban things we embodied and experienced as kids together.  When we were in fifth grade we decided one day to take Joni Mitchell's advice from "Clouds" and say it right out loud.  
"I like you," one of us pointed out to the other. "Well, I like you too." said the complementary kid in the diad.  But then, said the one, "Why do you like me?"  Brimming with confidence, we were.  
The answer, "Because you're nice."  Man, trust me, we were.   

He's been a great friend for well over twenty years.  As well as his lovely folks.  The only parents of other people I call on Father and Mothers day.  Sometimes...

Love you Matt!  And if you need anyone to watch over the office, or remodel it... I give free estimates.  But only for that side of the building.

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