Jon and Mary's Town (owed to their being wed)

With the cool light of many moons,
In time you'd come to know,
That the warm faith that you'd had in hope
Might sometimes up and go.

So, in the shadows of the circumstances
Where once you'd smiled and said,
"Hello my lover and my friend,"
At least to them,
You would never once again.

And in times like that to say the truth
Is simple pain,
On top of lonliness, loss and simply
Missing what you'd had.

So in times like that your aching heart complains,
"Do even you, my owner, have no hope for bliss?
When once again I may beat strong and fast.
Have you so soon forgotten--- what I'm broken for,
Or, do you certify today, to never once repeat the past.

And live alone and broken, on your knees upon the floor.
This solitude, standing in your bolted door."

And yet...
It was the cool light of many moons,
That caused two to disagree,
With the fear that's whispered in the ears of all
In misery.

Not some sweet romantic harmony,
That sounds as good as a happy end,
But the choice to put behind you,
What you'll never do again.

And now the people who had watched so sad
While two strangers lived in pain,
Have gathered in a moonlit town
To see what for they prayed.

For the strangers have now found themselves
The benefit of light,
In the eyes of one another... what
They'd so long been denied.

I'm just another one amongst these friends,
Who cannot help but pray;
That the paths between these families
Continue long and stay.

And that the certitude that soon infects the hopeless
Still around,
Has the fine example of this day,
In Jon and Mary's town.

Andy Coffey,

for Mary and Jon on August Seventh, 2009
(and Elias and Ella)