Crop Circling

When too clever by half
Kicks the door in our house
And tens thousand shades
Cast over this land,
The simple seeds left
What with water and dirt
Will be as sand.
Blown into a small hill
For the winds to carry
And water to deposit
And earth to nurture
Be disabled
By too clever by half
And our friends...

Yes, there comes that day when
Uprightness is wrong
And there comes that day of
Entropy's throng
For the winding rendition
Of a green twister slowly
Twisting to a theme
Maybe to hungry swallows
Following the winds hungering...
It's appetite for grass
And leaves
Like locusts
But twisting beyond a scientists 
If you believe in magic
Why not imagine this loss?
What might my house be without
The roots and stem and leaves
That a seed used to
Be able to grow,
And what would become of my
When all the fields are fallow
Once sown.