Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quicker Than Usual (as opposed to dead)

Well....  anyone who wonders where I've been should be congratulated.  Most of the time I have had this blog (between four and five years) I've kept my subject matter on the abstract side of the balance... which, given the feedback I have received, is certainly going to continue. That said, I feel that this blog is a fine way to communicate certain personal views during this particular slice of my life.  I've made an incredible friend, found freakish tools in the creative toolbox (the one, that is, that we all might access if our ignorance should be breached) and came to realize I have a tendency to worry far, far too much about serving people and the commonweal in general instead of enjoying some fun things that only happen to amount to great times and vast resources.  Ahhh... the mandates of privilege ought be ignored    !

I live now in  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I made the decision extremely recently due to an amazing human being who lives in the proximity of Santa Fe.  As you may remember, my parents live in New Mexico.  They are the central reason for my not being in Indiana (which I will always visit and love immensely.)   It is, to my shock, quite interesting what a difference between Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico's ecology and weather there is.  Geology, tree varieties, and animal life follow very strange rules around here.  The dictates of the "desert," alpine run off and atmospheric fluid dynamics are simply nothing remotely analogous to a Mid-West sort of typicality.  You can drive a hell of a long time out of Indianapolis and more or less know what to expect.  Don't try that around here.  It's a great deal of fun as long as you don't mind sounding like a small child more or less all the time.  Wonder Bread might be nearly out of business... the garden variety wonder seems to be thriving.  My in-joke on the subject of wonder is stretched between the poles of my brain surgery (1.25 years ago) and a possibly real... though debatable mental illness which drags in my stead (and heart and head): a somewhat continuous  joy which cannot be explained by personal accomplishment or good fortune.  Don't try it at home--- share it with friends--- write best-sellers on said subject.  Somewhat better head problem then the garden variety bi-polarism.

In the interest of not using this post to sprinkle absurd self celebrating (or desecrating) personal crap ala Facebook et. al.   I a going to finish up with one last thing.

Had a conversation with a musical genius today.  He wants my help for reasons that probably don't square with me (even were my dreams to be real.)  He blew my mind and has given me a somewhat new paradigm involving a percentage of my reasons for being alive.  No big deal?  That's about as Facebooky as I'm willing to get.

More later... if you can believe it.