Waffle Houses

Every building is a ham sandwich
Is a cup of coffee
And a red delicious.
That bank with its old 
Disused name fading into
The patina of the aging bricks
Is Sunday brunch, and a hunk of bread.
A couple grazing cows too old
To milk, and scores of chickens,
Most of their eggs as well.
Even that little parking attendants
Shack is a couple of Coca-Cola's
A Milky Way, Potato chips,
And Velveeta. On Thursday
It was strawberry's from the 
Eckelton's: in season. 
Until finally the shack
Was grown
And didn't need strawberry's 

This apartment complex
Is meatloaf, spaghetti
Hot dogs and corn bread,
Grape jelly and bacon.
Across the street that 
House is apples and currants
From Washington state
But here this apartment 
At Dover Cliff's development
Is apples from China
Planted ten years ago
So their tearing the 
Trees out now
Near Yakima
Turning them into charcoal
To sell at William Sonoma
Which of all things, will
Become a McMansion
At Orchard Estates.