Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twilight Is The Lonliest Time Of Day

The reason I walked across the street to take this rather bland picture of third street across from my street, looking West at twilight, was that I had been riding my bicycle back from the grocery and couldn't help but notice that the trees (maples mostly) looked rather Autumnal for the middle of April.  Most people have heard that when the green of Chlorophyll is given up by a plant, the true tissue color of the plant is revealed.  This probably seems painfully obvious to anyone not living in Antarctica.  It hasn't been terribly obvious to me however, why in the spring maples start out with all that red budding and flowering.  Is it to attract pollinators?  And if it is then why the red and bronze leaves as the trees first leaf out?  In any case, before long my entire environment will be a thick, close, green jungle again that reeks of Honeysuckle and is just the basic Tree City USA, Happy Unhunted Ground that my secular humanism simply demands.  

(Twilight Is The Lonliest Time Of Day is an awesome song I first heard Jerry Lee Lewis sing on his killer album "Last Man Standing."  It sets my hair on end it's so good.  And why not?  It's about my favorite maudlin subject:  kicking the bucket.  Mmmm..... so very good.)

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