Thursday, April 9, 2009

There Was A Paw As Well...

As you can see... it looks like a dead dog.  When I first saw the ribcage I thought, "My God, I hope this isn't a person."  I was very happy to see that skull.  And what a beautiful sight, with the boundary of the skulls plates stitched so beautifully.  The two pictures on the right, above, match so nicely I am thinking of stitching them together and touching them up with the painting program I have on my other computer.  What I would do if I didn't have roommates, or still had my warehouse (sorry future family, I should say also.  What I will do when I have my house later this or next year....) is, of course, bring the bones home, and boil them, then throw them in acid, then dry them in a cold frame.... God I'd love to do that.  Can you imagine having this beautiful skeleton with the missing bones carved in dark black, or better, bright polished aluminum!!!!   Clearly, my chambers will know no secrets.  And my buddy Jaz's wife thought I was weird because I had no pictures on my wall.  Won't be asking her over, I think.

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