Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Guess This Plants Nocturnal (Do You Like The Rain?)

This picture amuses me enormously.  I mean, I took it while it was still light out, but twilight.  I wasn't sure I was getting a very focused image due to the automatic aperture being opened to it's widest.  In fact, about thirty of the hundred pictures I have taken in the last two days had to be scrapped due to focus and light issues.  Some of the pictures I have posted here are super close to being not properly in focus.  That said, this plant is barely noticeable during the day.  But I noticed it in the dusk, and on a whim threw the flash on.  I suspected the flash would highlight the rain, but the real trick was when I got the photo on my computer:  I dimmed the photo down and turned up the contrast so the raindrops would be throwing light off from the "bright surroundings" not visible in the flash lit photo.  The effect is spooky and fairly close to natural.  Not close enough.  Next time I'm out at dusk I'll set up my tripod, hose the plant down, and use digital flash, bracketing a bunch of different settings over a period of two hours while gardening.  Making this photo look like it was taken in the sunset, but where the colors stay absolutely perfect, though muted and with super bright rain....  man that's gonna rock my world.

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