Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Prayers For Peace"

One of these days I will remember to bring a camera to "Prayers For Peace".  One of these days soon... Robert is ever more willing to miss it.  For people with no history of meditation, or experience with Quaker meetinghouse worship, "Prayers For Peace" would no doubt seem a bit dull.  We sit for an hour to forty five minutes on the last day of every month in silence.  It is wonderful.  Who wants to get up?  Who wishes the feelings that come your way in such a circumstance?  All of you.  Trust me.

It is strange.  No doubt. I am the only person there under the age of fifty (I'm thirty-five.)  These people bring hope, peace, and thoughtfulness to a world that seems at times indifferent to such things.  It is wonderful.  You will not miss your radio, your sleep, or your coffee, if you don't get it.  Prayers for peace is wonderful.  I have been enjoying it for three years, and I will continue to, hopefully, for the rest of my life.

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hey gimme a call one of these days, huh?