Monday, November 30, 2009

A Lost Book Of Names

Hello to those of you I have never seen identified on this Blog.  I like you a great deal as well, and do not care as to whether you comment or not.  These words are for our people.  And that is you.  A friend of mine, Midnight, reminded me of this just now.  And she wrote the letter some time ago.  How powerful her words, to bring me back here, yes...  

Whether you comment or not, hello.  I suppose science has laid to rest the function of prayer.  And your prayers are felt by me. Thank you.


Ande said...
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Ande said...

Oh, you mean the referendum held in Switzerland, not Sweden, I think. Many people mix up the names. This kind of thing would never happened in Sweden, or in the rest of Europe (not even in France).
Switzerland is a beautiful country, but very very conservative. Its nothing really wrong about it if you do love idyllic small towns. This idyll has left the country incredible conservative, and scared of changes. I fear idylls, myself. I have always been scared the nice people of the nice village will burn me as a witch doctor (I'm talking out of own experience). I associate Fredric Leighton's painting "Idyll" to Switzerland.

Idylls seem to suppress darker sides and in the end, make monsters out of us. Idylls are not illusions I think, but something crueler. Switzerland is hardly a part of Europe, by own choice. Merely an idyll on the mountaintops, never altering.
Switzerland is a good remainder why Europe needs USA, I think (I remember Sweden in the 80s vividly, not quite unlike Switzerland today, except that people was not afraid of foreigners!). I think Switzerlanders think they are preserving something larger than change (and life), (virginity?!):
(a link to Leighton's painting, nausea?).

Andy Coffey said...


Sorry, I'm going to leave my erroneous comment up, so as to show what a fool I can be, but yeah, your right, I totally heard the radio wrong.

Still, it was nice to hear you defend the Swedes. Embarrassing for me, but all the same, nice to hear what Swedes would never do.

You gotta wonder far the Swiss will let this go.

Thanks for the Fredric Leighton reference. Very interesting. Your concept of the dangers of an Idyll is very much shared I think, by most people who are "stuck" in any unchanging, conservative town. Koreans have a saying, the urban one's do, that "no town without a Starbuck's will have any women left. " It's an exaggeration, but none the less goes to show that sometimes stupid reasons make people do interesting things (like live very close together in a city.)

For those of us that remain in the small towns, it can be assumed that our smarter decisions might be a little conservative. I'm not sure. But your ideas are fascinating, and your feelings clearly strong.

Thanks, and I suppose I'll be listening more carefully. You'd think I'd know you weren't Swiss!

Anonymous said...

I lived in a small Italian town for many years. I can tell you it was scary sometimes. People are stuck up in Uppsala, but you can do anything, people don't care. It boring I think. It's not so strange you confused Sweden for Switserland, I would do it myself.

I have been trying to find another habit to replace the old one. Any ideas? I have been drinking cofee and smoking a lot (im not the grass kind a person, I dont like how this stuff works on your head). I have even tried religions. Oh women left, I guess a woman can cure you but I need to find one really good.

Why do I need a habit? Maybe I am an oral person? I'm not into Freud, Im not sure I belive in that shit. Diving isn't enough for me. i read somehwere that everyone got religios 1970. I can udnerstand why. I hope all is well with you.

Andy Coffey said...

Man Jukka,

Another habit? Until you can go clean for a month, you usually don't really want to feel normal. Then when you start to feel normal, you realize you feel really bored. I think when people quit drinking they almost always get depressed for a month or two (usually weeks after they quit, not right away.
My theory about most of us drunks is that we drink so that in the morning we know why we feel bad.
Our problem is that without the hangover (not the booze) we feel bad, but don't know when and why.
Alcohol is predictable for the drunk, just like the drunk is predictable with his booze.
Chew gum, workout, eat lots of vegetables. You seem like you aren't crazy about relationshps, but finding someone to love is the only habit you really should be pursuing. And Jukka, if you drink again, don't forget to forgive yourself. Every time you try to quit, your chances of being happy one day go way up. It's giving up, not giving in, that will kill you. Even if you drink again, I'm proud of you. But find someone to love, you lonely prick. Someone who loves you, and someone to love, take care of. It's the only thing that matters.