Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Beautiful Place For A Neighborhood

I put this image on here for my friend Rick.  Rick has recently began to look at my blog. The fact that he is trolling it for data by which to get me arrested, is just the way things go when you run with the hunted.

You might recognize this little town, Ricardo, as I recognized it, when I flew to in on Google Earth.  How many times did you and Emily walk on the paths of that park?  How many times did you drive your truck over that bridge.  The image on Google Earth is much larger, and amusing in the depth of it's data.  You can tell its a college town, since little coffee cups are floating over every coffee shop, and there are about ten in this image alone.   But alas, Rick, one day you and I shall visit Missoula, Montana together, and I can come to know the difference between the real world, and the lovely place that I've visited in your imagination.

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