Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phantom Whim Syndrome

I am more than a bit of a smart ass, as everyone who knows me experiences pretty much whenever I'm around. I tell myself (actually my loved one's do) this is OK, though it is pretty shady, and insecure. The joker and trickster can be romanticized into charismatic gods, but the final analysis is that they are too weak to live quietly, sentry to the world as it is with them in it.

We like our jokers and tricksters however, just like we like our little dogs that piss on everything. Laughter, and pleasure at each others expense is how we escape from the prison of earnestness the Pilgrims surly would have preferred (publicly.) Me thinks that drawn comic art must have provided some side splitting amusements in such a closed mouth culture. Whereas in our culture today just about everyone is a somewhat activist rebellious advocate for something. And people that aren't, live in Wyoming. Or Indiana, for that.

As I age I come to realize that I must choose my fate. Will I reveal for the remainder of my life my weakness in these parenthetical, editorial, comments? Or will I try to simply await the almost certain inheritance that the level headed vouchsafe. "You'll never change," is almost as popular as the lottery and pays more to boot. But is it true?

I know everything I need to know to live this life. I just hope I give a shit.

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