Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Call From My Friends

Talked to my friends Damien and Sarah/ Sarah and Damien (you have to be careful about the order in which you do these things) yesterday.  Was delighted to hear from them, as they are durably fantastic friends.  

Sarah asked me at some point in what ways writing this Blog differed from journaling for me.  In some ways, some of my readers may be happy to point out, if differs from a diary not at all.  My most hyperbolic sentiments abound, and reading this thing, is being with me.  Should the person in the flesh drive you bonkers, then reading this Blog is not going to change your heart.

So yeah, life's embarrassing, being human is gross, and should a portrait ever be painted of me about which some admirers swoon, it will have far less to do with Andy Coffey, then this Blog.

Swooning yet?

Both Damien and Sarah are up to some pretty fantastic stuff.  They have two gardens, which they are approaching in a predictably more sensible fashion than virtually anything I ever do.  They both have very organized minds, and habits.  And as couples go, seem pretty complimentary.  

Sarah asked me as well something about my gardening, and it is hard to explain how we were discussing it, but it inspired me, to write this chapter, which I am always appreciative of.

I am going to write the section about the garden, on the garden blog, however, since I sorely need to write something on that blog pertaining to the same.  Here's a link to the entry:  Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.

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