Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Day it is Can Sometimes Matter...

December 3 is the International Day for People with Disabilities.  There are no people on Earth who are not aware of the importance to love and support those who depend upon the able bodied for an extraordinary spirit.  More of us then we often realize simply stand beside the people we know who cannot stand easily at all.  You might sometimes ask, "How is it going?" You might even answer their questions first.

A day for others will place you on a footpath that is unmistakably "Spiritual."  Funny how often it's breakfast, lunch or dinner as well.

Be well today... whichever you are.  The supposedly normal, or the technically disabled. All of you sit beside of beautiful light that only reaches to the recent past.  We, whole and broken, are the real world.

Be well.


Harlequin said...

thanks, for this beautiful and thoughtful post.
disability is the most fluid existential category.... at least i think it is.
i appreciate your sensibility on this.

george coffey said...


With all the security changes to the Blogsphere I didn't see your comment was placed on my birthday until the other day.
Your words are touching. Especially your words. The disabled and the people who love them have touched me at times so much that I could not help but consider myself as thrown into a kind of magical garden in the presence of such modalities of love. Almost twenty years ago I delivered pizza to a home for mentally and physically disabled individuals. In order to be in the facility you had to be describable as suffering from both. Every time I went there I walked out the door afterward having been shown something that pulled back the curtain to Grace. That opened these eyes of a soul confused. Thank you.