Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With What Will You Ice My (Piece Of) Cake

Oh, shiver me timbers and pull my leg
It wouldn't be hard, you know
I once met a woman who told me, "Hey,"
You can't have a girl for the gold.

You can make all your millions
And lay Thee down,
To a rest only innocents take
But a beau shouldn't hope for another round
For your loves just the ice on the cake!"

I could tell she meant well... after a spell
Where I heard only cruelty and shame
All the earthly pursuits ("like Hell!")
I despised,
There was something from her I might gain.
Ha! There was something from her I might gain..

I'd been living a life of Riley and Gin
Where I'd open my eye to the day...
Hell had no fancy for the bed I laid in,
But a friend in this man in its way
Yeah, a friend in this man, in its way.

Oh, I guess I'm still in, or counting out
For my plans are anything but laid
It's a bat to the face and a hand so sour
To be hoping for things from a maid
It's a piecemeal job (if you're paid!)

Now please don't be cruel, if I remember you
As the one who had these things to say
Life has it's way, from the red to the blue
From the beggar to fool, from the beggar to fool.
And Death has its way with Whom?
Amd Death its way with Whom?

There are yards filled with men,
So much better than Sin,
And the daisies and granite too
Though a whistlers haste, is a waste, just a waste

For it takes more than observing
Beneath the heavenly pages
 More than observing is due
 Lest the rock and the weeds request their wages
And shake down a widow or two
And shake down the very few;.

Lest the rock and the weeds request their wages
And shake down a widow or two
And shake down the very few.


Harlequin said...

this is just a grand poem... i love the rhythm and rhyme.... i am sucker for this type of poem.
nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts.

Andy Coffey said...

Thanks Harlequin,

I'm a sucker for the subject matter and seeing you here. I'll see you on your fantastic Blog very soon indeed.

Andy Coffey said...

Thanks Anonymous... I really enjoy that you sound like a human. About 9.9 out of 10 Anonymous comments come from trolling robots... which is incredibly annoying.
Obviously human connection lies at the heart of our endeavors.