Saturday, November 6, 2010

Darkness Knows

Here's a song I've been playing around with a few years.  The version you hear at the top of the player at left, was my original improvisation.  Somehow it just came to me at Elm Heights.  Hence my preoccupation at the time with "reasons for believing in ghosts."

Darkness Knows

Give it up to windblown days
The nighttime just glows
For it’s tailor made
To the things that Darkness knows

Driven out by the nimble ways
Dark houses blow cold
For it’s love that bades
Goodbye to what Darkness knows

Now I don’t believe in Ghosts
Though I usually say hello
And ask the reason
For their stay

Any given sinner has
A lifetime of reasons to pray,
But the reasons for believing
In ghosts, never go away

Little kid comes in your room
And wants to know
‘Cus he’s so afraid
When the lights get turned down low.

Say, “Kid, get up in my bed.
Where you won’t be cold.
And we’ll both try to guess
What the Darkness really knows.

The liars all will boast
That the bad things go away
And the nighttime rumors
Just can’t help themselves

But it’s getting on eight o clock
And the creatures are getting bold
Like in the olden days
All the things that Darkness knows


Harlequin said...

i like the lyrics so much; thanks for bringing this one to voice and melody.

Andy Coffey said...


Thanks for your comments. I still wish to know about those boots in your avatar. When do you first remember them coming into fashion?