Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bye Bye Biscane


I just returned from my sisters wedding, about which I hope to have much to say some other time. It was a wonderful time for many reasons, just two of which are the love between myself and both my sisters (I stayed with my sisters Angela's family in a house for the week.) Plenty of interesting things were noted between my life here in Bloomington, and last week in Vermont/New Hampshire.

I returned home very early in the morning, yesterday. I was completely shocked to see that the Chevy Biscane was missing. Apparently Tom Pacinante finally came and picked the car up. Robert claimed that they actually started the car and drove it onto the trailer. Such a claim seems nearly impossible. All that's left of the Biscane, in any case, is a big rectangle of dirt. Amazing.

Maybe one day I will be driving, and look over to see a big shiny twin of that Biscane. I'd really like that. Chances are I will never see it again.

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