Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Usual Excuses

I have been, as we Westerners so love to tell one another, very busy. The result of this "very business" is that I will have a business in the future. This is my selfish preference. But none the less points to the fact of my life out of balance. I need days off, and fear I will have none before the week after my sisters wedding.

On the pleasant side: a number of somewhat higher profile jobs than I am accustomed to have come my way. The bid process being what it is I have stuck to my guns and weathered the fear of rejection. It seems some people realize my value despite the recession.

Everybody loves to talk about their job. To imagine that their job gives them the excuse they need to stand among the people of the world untrembling.

Not so much myself.

All the same, it is a seven day a week schedule of many, many hours a day, and some trifling bit in the garden that keep me from the terminal to write.

This is a pathetic excuse: I however offer it.

So I look forward to sharing in the future (hopefully before August, when Mary, my sister, will be married. Very exciting!)

I have, as always, much to say about life.

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