Saturday, December 3, 2016

Playing Publicly

Been playing music publicly since Santa Fe.  Once I returned to Bloomington, despite the huge difference between Hoosiers and the people of The Land of Enchantment, I simply floated around playing music (and feeling pretty foolish!) until I became as accustomed to playing in my home town (these days) as I was in Santa Fe.  AND, became as recognized by the locals as I was in Santa Fe.  It's been lovely.  Though, people in Indiana (even Bloomington) DONT want folks on the sidewalk performing.  Even if you don't accept tips, they call you a panhandler.  I have been harassed a bit.  I tell myself to be pleased that I have not been outright abused, generally.  And that I should be pleased folks like the music.  To say the least, I am pleased and delighted by the folks of our odd Hoosier town. 

It's been a big delight sharing with people of every description.... music makes a man seem a warm apparition of sensible delight.  I have been slow to appreciate the social rewards, spiritual rewards and other sorts of rewards the disguise proffers me.  Joy is not so terrible, I suppose.

In any case... it's nice to share a bit.  I shall try to remember that.

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